Artist creates incredible tongue and teeth themed knitted face masks

Artist creates incredible tongue and teeth themed knitted face masks

No one really wants to wear a face mask but it sounds as though experts are increasingly coming down in favour of covering up our mouths to curb the spread of coronavirus.

If you feel that those plastic green masks are probably better off being saved for NHS workers, or you want something a little more unique, then you might want to check out Ýrúrarí Jóhannsdóttir’s creations.

The Icelandic knitwear designer has been creating a range of trippy 3D tongue masks that range from balaclava-like pieces with curling tongues dangling out of them to a huge set of Joker-esque teeth clad in knitted braces.

And because they’re all made from wool, you know that they’re probably as cosy as they are bonkers.

Ýrúrarí, 27, is obsessed with tongues. She studied at Glasgow School of Art where she focused on knitting chunky clothing featuring 3D tongues, mouths and teeth.

Not heard of her work yet? Erykah Badu has; she bought a few of Ýrúrarí’s sweaters back in January and some of her pieces have been shown in Iceland’s Gallery Port (one for the must-visit list once lockdown is over).

It took her two days to create her first, comparatively simple, mask but as she’s gone on, her masks have become increasingly complex and outlandish.

Obviously, knitted wool isn’t the most effective material for keeping back bacteria and germs.

The artist says that her masks are more sculpture than clothing or PPE, but that her designs are designed to encourage people to wear masks and have fun with them.

‘A reminder again that my masks are not made for safety – knitted masks are not safe to start with!’ she’s been reminding her followers.

‘My masks are not safe, they’re my isolation fun knits.

‘Please be cautious and take care.’

You could, of course, wear a medical mask and top it with one of these knitted designs to take your social distancing style up a notch.