Woman orders 1kg of sweet potatoes – but is very confused by what arrives

Woman orders 1kg of sweet potatoes – but is very confused by what arrives

With many places still on lockdown, people have taken to ordering a number of their essentials online, including food.

And while we’ve seen people panic-buying lots of weird and wonderful things during the coronavirus pandemic, sometimes our shopping goes a little wrong through no fault of our own.

One woman recently experienced this after placing an order with a wholesaler.

The woman, named Naomi, included 1kg of sweet potatoes in her shop, but when the delivery arrived she got a bit of a surprise.

Instead of receiving a sack of potatoes, Naomi was sent one gigantic sweet potato, which she dubbed ‘Potatozilla’.

She shared a photo of her delivery on social media.

In a post on Twitter, she wrote: “I ordered 1kg of sweet potatoes from the Wholesalers.

“They sent one single mutant potato – behold PotatoZilla.”

Her tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 39,000 likes and thousands of retweets.

People were amused by the giant sweet potato, with many also saying they’d recently been sent rather large vegetables with their food orders.

One commented: “I got a giant onion recently, apocalypse is coming.”

Another replied: “All hail our new sweet potato overlord.”

A third added: “I’m laughing SO hard bc yesterday I ordered two pounds of peppers and they sent just two giant peppers. This is gold.”

Someone else said: “What if you just wrote ‘1kg sweet potato’ in the order, and the poor Wholesaler spent hours trying to find a single potato that weighed that much?”