McDonald’s to reopen with limited menu – but fans spot one favourite is missing

McDonald’s to reopen with limited menu – but fans spot one favourite is missing

Those praying for the return of McDonald’s may not have to wait much longer after the fast food chain announced it planned to reopen 15 restaurants across the UK on May 13.

It will operate only for deliveries and with a reduced menu, aimed at ensuring social distancing for staff in the kitchens, while ‘still providing many McDonald’s iconic menu items’.

Fans were left worried after images claiming to show the ‘limited menu’ appeared on social media, which was absent of any burgers and items like McNuggets, which some branded a ‘disaster’.

Thankfully, McDonald’s was quick to step in to share details of the real limited menu, which included most of the items people wanted to see, including cheeseburgers, Big Macs and, of course, chicken McNuggets.

However, one firm favourite remained absent, leaving some on social media broken-hearted.

In its statement regarding the reopening, McDonald’s said: “To reduce the complexities in our kitchens at menu changeover, we will temporarily not be serving breakfast.”

No breakfast means no McMuffins, and the omission hasn’t gone unnoticed.

McDonald’s chief executive Paul Pomroy explained the chain had ‘deliberately taken our time’ in formulating a plan on how to reopen as ‘we want to get this right’.

He said: “This week we have been running controlled tests to explore the safest way to reopen our restaurants.

“To give us all confidence in the new operational measures we are introducing to keep you and our employees safe, we asked our employees for their thoughts, have incorporated much of their feedback and will continue to listen and learn.

“The tests have proven successful and I will outline the ways in which we will slowly, but safely, begin to resume serving McDonald’s customers again.”

The announcement did leave the door open for the possibility of reintroducing a breakfast menu in the near future, stating: “As we reopen we will explore the ways in which to help our employees safely change over menus and we will reintroduce our breakfast menu as soon as we can.”