Dad claims to have found the world’s biggest chip

Dad claims to have found the world’s biggest chip

A British dad has claimed that he’s found the world’s biggest chip, after getting a fright seeing its huge length when making tea.

Oliver Dale was making tea of chicken, chips and salad for his family when he found the whopping crinkle cut.

The dad-of-two, 37, who bought the bag of McCain oven chips from Asda, said: “I opened the bag of crinkle cuts and it was absolutely massive.

‘I turned to the misses and said “Have you seen the size of this?”

‘We were both laughing. I measured it just for a laugh. It was seven inches long. It pretty much filled me up that one chip.’

The pension manager, of York, revealed his big chip to lift spirits during coronavirus lockdown.

He said: ‘The reason I’ve done it is a bit of light hearted fun in grim times.

‘I did it more of a conservation starter so for people who may be suffering with their mental health.

‘It’s rather that than waking up every day and listening to the grim numbers of people dying.

‘Whether its positive or negative comments around it, yes it’s only a chip but it gets people talking.’

Oliver is now hoping to raise money for York Hospital.

A Guinness World Records spokesman said: ‘What an amazing thing to find when cooking your dinner.

‘We love that people are thinking about breaking records whilst on lockdown here at Guinness World Records.

‘We encourage members of the public to get in touch if they think they have a talent or discover something with record breaking potential.’

The Guinness World Records states the largest chip was made on 7 October 2018 by Chandresh Bayad in Gujarat, India, and it weighed 11kg.

But, unlike Oliver’s, that chip was moulded and not from a packet.

There is no known record for the longest chip from a single potato.